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I specialize in all things digital from SEO, Paid Advertising, Social Media, Email Marketing, Website Development, and more! To get down to business, 2015 has become the “Make it or Break it” year for websites! Do not let the below facts alarm you too much. If you don’t have an advertising team, I can be just that at a fraction of your in house cost! No taxes, no insurance, no desk space and no extra computer expenses! I can even meet with you on a weekly basis at your business to stay 100% transparent and cohesive!


It’s not just about being online any more, it’s about being online correctly.

Check out the goodies below!


  • SEO is becoming more and more important! Don’t ignore it any longer! Get your website optimized for local organic traffic. (free traffic from search engines when someone types in keywords) If you type into Google, SEO in Rapid City, who do you find? We know SEO!
  • Your website NEEDS to be mobile friendly! Google released a huge breaking update back on April 21st! If your website is not mobile friendly or optimized, it will begin to precede those that are on mobile searches. This is astonishing because over 60% of all Google searches are performed on mobile devices. Do you want to miss out on over 60% of Google’s searches? Another survey recently suggested that nearly 80% of all websites are not mobile friendly! Get mobile optimized and be in the top 20% of websites online!
  • Social Media is becoming increasingly expensive to run Paid Campaigns. but can be successful if performed well. I’m suggesting to use Paid Ads more appropriately around large campaigns to get the best ROI possible! Social Media is still a wonderful place to create a community around your business! Organic reach is just becoming more and more limited now around 3-5% of your followers on Facebook. That means if you have 1000 followers on Facebook, on average only 30-50 will see each post unless it’s viewed through a friend’s like, comment, or share. DON’T boost your posts with a few dollars – you need to directly target your audience!
  • Have you heard of the term “Big Data”? As you probably figured out, yes its BIG! Big Data is large data sets that can be analyzed via computer programs to reveal trends, patterns, interests, etc within your target market’s behavior online. This gives us Advertisers the ability to dig down to your core market and only advertise to them. The digital age isn’t about blasting your business to the general public, I find your core client and get you the best investment possible! I’m still all about frequency, just smart frequency!
  • Did you know that digital advertising is much less expensive then Traditional Advertising on Billboards,  TV stations, Radio, and others? Many traditional advertising rates run anywhere from $15-$60 CPM. (CPM is the cost per thousand times an ad is viewed) Online, I successfully run campaigns that average between $1.50 – $4 CPM! Online is targeted directly to your target market in real time! Imagine getting 5x more exposure or simply cutting your costs down!
  • When you create a new page on your website for either a new service or a blog article, make sure each web page answers a question a potential client might type in a search engine. Always update your content each month and remember Content is king… Content is King! Did you know that companies who blog a dozen times a month are likely to get 5x more traffic then those that don’t? Truth!
  • Get a professionally developed website! This does not include getting an account on Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, Jimbo, or one from the Yellowpages. I’m sorry but the DIY sites are only limiting. The hard truth about these ‘DIY website builders’ is that you’re renting your website. You’ll never own it, you’ll never have full control of it, and you’ll always be at their mercy. I’m not here to talk your business down if you have one of these DIY sites, you are ahead of many businesses without a website. I’m just suggesting it’s probably time to upgrade before problems arise. A professionally developed website includes hosting that you own, a domain that you own, databases that you own, full control, and more!  Many people believe a professional developed website is too expensive but that’s not true as long as you’re getting a fair price! It’ll probably be cheaper then your accumulated monthly fees from the above mentioned sites throughout a year or two! The only recurring expense if you update and maintain it yourself is hosting and domain which can be as low as $100/year.
  • Remember, your website is your online storefront and for some business, your only storefront. Don’t cut corners and so put your best foot forward! Internet activities need to be viewed as an investment and not an expense.

If your still reading, I truly appreciate your time. If you have any questions regarding the updates from Google regarding Mobile websites or simply about digital advertising and how your business might be able to leverage it. Please feel free to reach out at anytime!