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SEO Optimization and Management Plan

I’m excited to offer a new SEO package to local businesses at a low cost opportunity for some incredible value. Let’s kickstart your website for next year and start knocking your competitors below you on Google! Starting at 4hrs a week of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), I’ll target your best performing pages, find ‘low-hanging fruit’ that has solid traffic that your website can rank for and also boost your Google Business page on Google Maps. I’ve help businesses in so many different industries throughout the years that I’m excited to hear about your goals! From Law Firms, Coffee Shops, Breweries, Photographers, Colleges, Retail Stores, and more!

Does it Sound Too Good??


Would you enjoy being on the first page of Google, in the top 3 search rankings, organically, to boost your business and ultimately increase your revenue?  A well developed website itself can get you started on the right path, but a fully optimized website will take you above and beyond your competition! Being on the first page of search engines is every businesses goal, let’s get started today!

SEO Maintenance… Plus!

I’ll also give your website a thorough evaluation, not just from a technical SEO basis!

A complete SEO Audit to determine your best and worst ranking pages, top keywords, most relevant keywords and more.

Monthly meetings to go over what’s been accomplished, ranking reports, and to discuss future goals.

My Goals

I like to explain a website WITHOUT an SEO plan or maintenance in place is like a business on Main Street with it’s windows, door, and sign boarded up. Nobody actually knows what is in side or who it is when walking by. SEO will take those shutters down and get people looking in the windows, AKA traffic. Once they’re looking, it’s time to have the right components placed strategically on each page to sell them on your services and/or products. From relevant backlinks, social signals, local Whether it’s an online sale, contact form filled out, or a phone call – let’s focus on those goals!

What Does it Cost?

I’m reducing my SEO rate by nearly 25% to give local businesses like yours the boost it deserves to kickstart the upcoming year. I’ll take my proven knowledge of SEO and apply it to your website. I’m local, a family guy, I don’t over bill, I keep an open line of communication BOTH ways, and most importantly – I’m trustworthy. SEO is not a quick, overnight plan. It’s a strategic and methodical long term plan to give you long term results. As the saying goes, it’s a Marathon not a Sprint. I can’t nor anybody else guarantee top page rankings but it is always the main goal! I can’t control what your competitors are doing to optimize their site but fight the good fight in out ranking them. If an agency or someone guarantees top page rankings on search engines, please don’t fall for their hook line and anchor speech. If you need results tomorrow, this week or even this month, SEO is not the answer! Paid Advertising is and I can also assist you with that as well. Strong SEO plans work very well but can often take months to achieve BUT also provide long term results!

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