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Are you ready to kick start your business in Rapid City and begin advertising on Google through Adwords?  QuestionWhat do you do when you need something? You usually grab your smartphone, tablet, or computer and type it into Google to find the nearest store that carries the product, to educate yourself with the businesses in the area that can help you, or find a website that you can order from.  So why doesn’t your business advertise on Google? Google Adwords is a very effective way to advertise to your customers WHEN they are looking for your products and services..

Case study stats from one of our clients:

  • Increased specific website page visits 1,200%
  • Increased applications 40%
  • Increased accepted applications 100%
  • Increased accepted apps in a specific geographical area by over 5,000%

Google Adwords is a Paid Advertising platform where you get charged per click when someone clicks on your ad that is placed within Google. There are many different ways to approach Google Adwords and many different settings that can make or break your advertising campaign. I‘ve managed Adwords Campaigns from $100/month to over $15,000/month!  The reason digital advertising is so popular but also effective is because I can get your service or product in front of your consumer when they are searching for it. When someone types in a term such as, “Best Restaurant in the Black Hills” or “Injury Lawyer in Rapid City” we can easily get your business on that first page of Google – today! It is a pay to play idea, but effective! Google Adwords is a very powerful advertising method for those terms your website doesn’t rank for well through SEO – if you’re interested in boosting your SEO efforts I’d be more then happy to assist you with that as well.

Traditional advertising is similar to ‘blasting’ your company’s message and promotions out to the general public to catch their eyes in hopes of them buying your products or services –  not when they need it or are searching for it. Traditional advertising still has it place and time but Digital Advertising on Google, Facebook, Bing, and such are truly the new way to advertise directly to people searching for your services and/or products. Without adapting to new advertising you will continue to lose out on exposure but more importantly, you’ll lose to your competitors.

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