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About Me

I’m a Website consultant located in Rapid City, SD specializing in Small Business Websites. With clients nationwide, distance is never a factor in succeeding!  I don’t work out of some fancy office with a receptionist and the run-around of trying to talk to the appropriate person. I’m simply a down to earth Independent Consultant who solely focuses on your business needs, not the stress of running a my own multi-employee business.  Whether you need Social Media, Product Photography, Search Engine Optimization, Website Design, Video Production, or Marketing assistance, I’m here for you!  I work with a limited number of clients at any given time to ensure my full attention is focused on you!

Technical sites can be very flashy, fun, and exciting – but also distracting.  I am able to create meaningful websites simplistically and artistically, while appealing to each and every client.  Along with web design and online marketing, I can alsoZach Dosch - Website Design & Advertising provide Brand Development, Social Media Development and training, Graphic Design, and Custom Photography.  Increasing brand loyalty and recognition, effectively maximizing marketing efforts, and promoting a brand can take a business or organization to a whole new level in their respective market.  I’m hear to make sure you continue your work while I take my knowledge and run with it on your website making it the best it can be.

You may wonder, how am I able to provide all of these services by myself? Well the answer is that I have taken my true business passions and combined them into one.  I started blogging at a very early age always trying to have the unique feel and layout that nobody else had.  Later, I moved into the photography world and have shot everything from Engagements, Senior Portraits, Family Photos, Business Products, Landscapes, Wildlife, and Sporting Events. With my family being all entrepreneurs; I took the liberty to learn the trade of Online Marketing at the end of my college career (Business Administration & Marketing) for my mother’s online business. After realizing the need for online marketing (PPC, SEO, etc) within all online businesses, I figured it would also be best to learn how to design and develop websites.  One year later I went back to the classroom for HTML, CSS, & Javascript. With the hardest part over, I took the reigns again on my own and jumped into some small projects for few local businesses. Expanding what I know, learning what I didn’t know, and loving every minute of it!  I’ve had the privilege to work with businesses from Breweries to Law Firms to Specialty Retail shops.