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Creating a Facebook page for your business isn’t just a few clicks anymore.  With Facebook pushing new rules and watching everyone closely, all page admins must tread lightly and follow the guidelines/rules. If there is anything you don’t believe or just can’t believe, check out the link directly on Facebook’s Page Guidelines.

All Page names MUST reflect/match their true business or company name.

If your company name is Big Bass Beer, you can not call it BBB – Bass Beer, BB Beer, etc UNLESS the business/company name is an acronym  then and only you can use all capitals and shorten it to BBB.  All in all, just name your Facebook Page identical to your actual business name and you won’t have to worry – this also helps for SEO and SEM as Facebook Business Pages are indexed.

Facebook Ads

Running business ads on Facebook has it’s very own long list of rules. I suggest simply going here to educate yourself: Facebook Ads

Promotions & Contests

Ahhhh, where to start! Facebook Promotions are one of the most regulated aspects of a business page. Here we go:
DO NOT use the Like or Share buttons as a way of voting, promoting or beyond.
DO NOT use any of Facebook’s functions as a way to register for voting.
DO NOT obtain any information without disclosing who the information is for and what it will be used for. Use something like : This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Facebook. You are providing your information to “your business name” and not to Facebook.
DO NOT hold Facebook responsible at any cost.  A simple Disclaimer such as above is sufficient.
DO NOT use any promotion, sweepstakes, competitions, or contest using any of Facebook’s features.  You MUST use a custom app/tab to do this.
Lastly, DO NOT notify winners of any promo/contest through Facebook’s chat, messaging, user’s wall, and so on.  If you collected the information you need, then you should have another mean to contact the winner.

You may always contact me if you’d like to set up your Facebook page for drawings, giveaways, etc.  
I enjoy creating custom pages that will allow you to still engage your followers through these promotions.

Collecting Data in Facebook

Always and I mean always make sure you have it clearly stated how YOU (not Facebook) will use information that is collected.  You also need to notify your Facebook friends and obtain their consent to collect their information and have a link back to your website with your Privacy Policy.  If Facebook feels they may be liable for anything to which you have not thoroughly explained within any promotional events or beyond – they can and will delete your Facebook account for good.

In closing, without doubt always refer to: Facebook’s Rules

I manage and maintain business Facebook accounts as well as build custom Tabs for promotions, contests, and events. Don’t miss out on what your Facebook Page is capable of without getting deleted by Facebook!

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