[img src=]1570Grand Tetons, Wyoming
[img src=]920Bobcat taken near Estes Park, CO
[img src=]590Winter Blizzard in the prairies of South Dakota
[img src=]510A father looks intently with his daughter in the background
[img src=]540A great father, son moment!
[img src=]430Senior Photo
[img src=]680Chautauqua Park in Boulder, CO
[img src=]340Golden Gate Bridge on a dreary day!
[img src=]600Hen Mallard taken near Denver, CO
[img src=]450Engagement Photo
[img src=]530Senior Photo
[img src=]520Coyote taking a rest in the Rocky Mountain National Park
[img src=]430Mann & Maximon Law Firm in Boulder, CO
[img src=]510Twisted Pine Brewing's Ghost Face Killah!
[img src=]530Twisted Pine Brewing's German Growler
[img src=]550Twisted Pine Brewing's Tap Handles at their Ale House