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Facebook’s Rules & Guidelines for Business Pages

Posted by on Jun 14, 2013 in Social Media Articles | 0 comments

Creating a Facebook page for your business isn’t just a few clicks anymore.  With Facebook pushing new rules and watching everyone closely, all page admins must tread lightly and follow the guidelines/rules. If there is anything you don’t believe or just can’t believe, check out the link directly on Facebook’s Page Guidelines. All Page names MUST reflect/match their true business or company name. If your company name is Big Bass Beer, you can not call it BBB – Bass Beer, BB Beer, etc UNLESS the business/company...

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Facebook and their Mobile Presence Sends Millions 3rd Party!

Posted by on Feb 27, 2012 in Social Media Articles | 0 comments

An article posted on Mashable By Peter Pachal When Facebook filed for its IPO earlier this month, it revealed that it has 425 million mobile users. That massive presence on phones and tablets has translated into success for many others, the social network says, since Facebook’s mobile platform sends more than 60 million people to third-party apps every month. In a post on the company’s developer blog, Facebook’s head of mobile developer relations, James Pearce, says that since Facebook revamped its mobile platform in October last year (which...

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