Digital Advertising in South Dakota

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Do you own a Small Business here in South Dakota, wondering what digital advertising has to offer you? Digital/Online Advertising is a very effective form of advertising that is very targeted and effective! Luckily for you, South Dakota does not have the competition that many states do resulting in a much more cost applicable form of advertising. Whether you own a Dental Office, Law Firm, Hunting Lodge or Small Retail Store – I have the ability to create digital advertising campaigns at an affordable cost for your business! I focus my...

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Online Marketing for Small Businesses

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Do you have a Small Business in a demanding and competitive market online? Are you a Realtor, Lawyer, Accountant or in another profession where you’re just one of 20 in your community? Not only is traditional marketing and chamber mixers important to generating leads. But a strong, effective online marketing strategy across the web is just as important to become a well ranking business on Search Engines amongst your competition. Becoming THEE professional in your industry – educating, informing, and engaging potential clients is...

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Website Design & Development in Aberdeen, SD

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A website can be the number one stop for many of your customers in the Aberdeen, SD area.  Whether they’re searching for new products and services, finding your store/office hours, or simply finding your phone number – a solid website is truly your online storefront that is open, 24/7, 365 days a year. Don’t leave potential customers wondering or guessing, get the information they’re searching for at the tip of their fingers! I am originally from Aberdeen, SD – an alumni of Aberdeen Central and Northern State...

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Facebook’s Rules & Guidelines for Business Pages

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Creating a Facebook page for your business isn’t just a few clicks anymore.  With Facebook pushing new rules and watching everyone closely, all page admins must tread lightly and follow the guidelines/rules. If there is anything you don’t believe or just can’t believe, check out the link directly on Facebook’s Page Guidelines. All Page names MUST reflect/match their true business or company name. If your company name is Big Bass Beer, you can not call it BBB – Bass Beer, BB Beer, etc UNLESS the business/company...

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Does Your Business Need a Quality Website?

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In today’s business world, the mere fact of gaining your market share is crucial. Whether your a small, one man/woman team in the mix of corporate businesses or trying to get your new idea out to the public; a website can mean the difference between dissolving your new business or growing exponentially in the next 5-10 years.

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4 Ways Restaurants use QR Codes

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Mashable Article – Written by: Hamilton Chan 1. Mobile Ordering Ordering food from a smartphone is incredibly convenient. It is sub-optimal to have to speak to a live person, who is juggling multiple roles in a restaurant, dealing with customers face-to-face and handling several ringing phone lines. Enter the QR-coded takeout menu. Restaurants realize that the printed takeout menu is still one of the most effective ways to elicit food orders. It’s tangible, colorful, holds a lot of information and is easily shared. Adding a QR code to...

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Facebook and their Mobile Presence Sends Millions 3rd Party!

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An article posted on Mashable By Peter Pachal When Facebook filed for its IPO earlier this month, it revealed that it has 425 million mobile users. That massive presence on phones and tablets has translated into success for many others, the social network says, since Facebook’s mobile platform sends more than 60 million people to third-party apps every month. In a post on the company’s developer blog, Facebook’s head of mobile developer relations, James Pearce, says that since Facebook revamped its mobile platform in October last year (which...

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