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Zach Dosch offers website design services that will fit any budget.  Designing a website to meet your goals and expectations is the number one goal. The website design process can actually be a fun and engaging time that you can enjoy.

I recently asked myself why has it been difficult to find solid clients in South Dakota since moving back to my home state this past year.  Upon looking at other states and their small business needs – it’s quite overwhelming to see how many businesses are seeking out a web designer/developer to build them a credible website.  My next question was, why aren’t more small businesses in South Dakota seeking a website and/or online marketing? I thought to myself, maybe they already have a great up-to-date website that includes keyword rich content, implemented SEO tactics, Social Media links, Online Marketing, and more. Unfortunately I just don’t see that while browsing local South Dakota businesses.

What I found within many sites are:

  • 1990’s websites built with tables (search engines don’t crawl these websites anymore)
  • Missing image titles, alt-text, and descriptions
  • URLs without keywords
  • Broken Links
  • Lacking on-site Search Engine Optimization
  • Missing Social Media links
  • Invalid pages (404 errors)
  • Hard to find contact information
  • And much more…

My next question was, well why are these business not upgrading or maintaining their website to today’s industry standards? Money! It simply costs too much. WRONG! I’m sorry to tell you, you’ve been fooled. I know that times can be tough and funds aren’t available to upgrade to a new state of the art website or even maintain a current website.  Many businesses don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on this.  I truly understand that BUT unlike large design agency’s with set rates, price points, and more.  I am ALWAYS willing to make a deal and accomodate your budget as best as possible.  (Yes, I’d love to set my rates $100+ an hour and have new clients knocking on my door each and every day but we’re not all James Bond) A website is your online storefront where your consumers gain pertinent information about your business. To expand and compete in today’s market, you truly need a solid website just like you need business cards for Chamber Events and Monthly Mixers.  Whether you want a precise 5 page website or a lengthy 867 page interactive affiliate website that sells another companies products. Don’t back away and say, I’ll think about it or I’ll get to it next year. You will only be missing out on potential customers searching the internet for your product or service each and every day.  Make sure they can find you and the information/product they want.

If I’ve kept your attention this long, contact me today as I would be more then happy to talk with you and get the ball rolling for your business! And don’t be afraid, I work with everyone in any state – not just South Dakota businesses! I work solely with GoDaddy.com and Bluehost.com for some of the best support available. They’re easy to get along with, fun to work with, and always willing to go the extra mile when needed. If I didn’t believe in their support and products I wouldn’t be recommending them.


Zach Dosch
Independent Web Development Consultant