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Happy Day and cheers to some great SEO Tips and Advice as well as to the beginning of a wonderful fall!

As many of you know Search Engines such as GoogleYahooBing, and all others are periodically updating the way your website is ranked within their search engines.  Bing recently acquired Yahoo or in other words both Search Engines are now displaying each other’s results, resulting in the new Yahoo!Bing Network.  The latest search statistics show that Bing and Yahoo have risen in market share and ultimately have halted Google’s commanding lead down to 69.2%.

A few SEO tips to keep in mind to ensure your website has great rankings throughout 2013:

1. Continue to publish new and relevant content to each page.  Be Unique and Original.  Search engines DISLIKE duplicate content. Use your own words and have some fun with it.  In a more simple term, make sure the Gorilla can easily find the Banana it’s looking for on each of your pages!

2. Remember to name the title, url, and description of each new page you create with relevant keywords that potential client’s and customers may type into a search engine. Use H1, H2, and atleast H3 tags – these are most relevant and looked at by crawlers.

3. Bold key points in your content and be authoritative – nobody wants to arrive on a website that looks like a 12 year old is in charge, be professional and show what you know!

4. Don’t skimp out on your link building! This means including quality links within your content and also pages outside of your website.  Commenting on RELEVANT websites and blogs definitely helps – these are basic links but very helpful.  Think of link building as a virtual Chamber of Commerce mixer, you need search engines to know about you so they can send you visitors.

5. Double check your spelling so you DONT mispel words. Double check Titles, Alt Tags, H-Tags, Descriptions, links and content!  WordPress does include a spell checker, so use it! 🙂

6. Always have a Call to Action! Examples: Call Us Today, include an email link, contact form, etc!

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