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Every attorney, whether practicing alone or within a large firm needs a quality built website.  Sharing your practices, the associations you are apart of, awards you’ve been accredited, testimonials from clients, and more are very crucial to gaining the level of recognition you deserve.

Zach was instrumental in helping us turn our website into a venue packed with relevant information, and easy to navigate.  We saw much improvement on the SEO side as well.  Zach is diligent and passionate about his work as a website designer and SEO tech! – Mann & Maximon Law

Within the community here in Rapid City South Dakota, there are a number of large Law Firms but also a handfull of Lawyers that prefer to practice on their own. I have noticed a trend that these sole proprietor attorneys don’t have the high level of a website that the large firms do – in return, affecting who a potential client may contact. Do not sell yourself short because you don’t have a website or simply have a site that is out of date or not updated to industry standards. A website can be the best investment your business can purchase this year!  Do you have an expertise that is unique among your community but are still struggling to have a solid client base? Many potential clients are searching the internet upon Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc to find the help and assistance they need. Whether they are located within your community or 200 miles away in another city, be sure that you’re website is available and the information they are seeking is easily found.  A website is a wonderful avenue that you can use beyond your traditional means of marketing.

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At the very least, I truly recommend a precise website with these pages: Home | About | Practice Areas | Testimonials | Resources | Contact.  Include a few custom photographs of yourself in the moment or posed, as well as of your office building.  As the old saying goes, a photograph is worth a thousand words, so be sure to smile!  If you belong to any associations or have received a few awards including these images of the award/seal are very appropriate within your about/biography page. I always recommend a website to be optimized for SEO as it is the foundation of your website. Without Search Engine Optimization, your site 98% of the time will be lost deep inside search engines. As I tell my clients, content is king(#1) within SEO!

To wrap this up I am ALWAYS more than willing to assist you whether you are located here in South Dakota or 1400 miles away in California/New York. The internet is a powerful business tool so don’t let distance get in the way a solid website for your firm. Contact me anytime!