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Has your business ever wondered what each type of advertising costs and how well each can be tracked? Do you know what your advertising campaigns CPM (cost per thousand impressions) is, perhaps on average how many impressions per action, or exactly who is seeing your ad? Every type of advertising has it’s place in today’s market place but knowing the data and analytics behind each is most important. Many companies product some of the best advertising campaigns but without the ability to track each campaign – there’s no real data to show how well it performs and how to better launch your next great product or event. Below is a little about each popular for of advertising today:

TV Advertising can be very affective but can also be hit and miss if not launched well especially with smaller budgets. TV spots also do not have the ability to directly target the exact market your product, service, or event strives with. Your local TV advertising salesman can tell you that your target demographic watches their channel but so does nearly every other age group. Their station may hit 100,000 tv sets but how many truly are watching when your advertisement airs – Who knows! They don’t, you don’t, nobody does. It’s a true shot in the dark. Tv ads can run anywhere from $25-$45/CPM.

Radio Advertising is similar to TV advertising in many ways. Without the ability to directly target the specific market your business thrives in – you might be throwing money out the window. Truthfully, radio advertising has a much better CPM then many other traditional advertising rates. The key to a great advertising campaign is tracking it’s success and with radio it’s very difficult to contribute your budget with sales, leads, or admissions. Radio advertising varies but can range from $10-$30/CPM.

Billboard Advertising is still a very popular form of advertising. With many different sizes and formats, it can affordable for smaller budgets but also very expensive in high traffic areas – anywhere from $700 – $15,000/month with CPM’s blistering over $60/CPM. Billboards need to have a very short and concise message that isn’t distracting to drivers. Driving a brand, logo, date, or event is one of the more popular topics. Just as the above, tracking it’s effectiveness is key but very difficult. Billboard advertising is quite broad from $25-$65+/CPM.

Print Advertising such as direct mailers, postcards, newspapers, magazines, and inserts definitely have their place in time. There are many factors in the cost of print advertising that can make or break it’s CPM value. Print Advertising is easier to track then most other forms of traditional advertising but still many business have a very difficult time fine tuning their print ads. Print Advertising varies and can range from $20-$60/CPM.

Online Advertising is still a new venture to advertise on for many businesses. It’s new, different, and for some overwhelming. I am obviously a little biased but I’m not here to nay-say or put down any business and their advertising. Digital (online) advertising can be one of the most valuable forms of advertising a business can adopt today. With the ability to directly target exact markets, age groups, geographies, but most importantly people searching exactly for your product or service. From Social Media, Paid Ads, Retargeting, Video Ads, and Mobile Ads – this big data gives us the ability to know who to advertise to, what their interests are, and when they perform an action during your advertising campaigns. Easily tracking online advertising campaigns gives it a big step above traditional advertising as we can now analyze it’s data and tweak each in real time. Online advertising ranges from a mere $.50 – $10/CPM! – It’s trackable, direct, analytical, real time, and so much more! 

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