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Many small business today are finally embracing the internet and creating a website but unfortunately many are also DIY building them. It is a great cost saving idea but know that Weebly, Wix, Squarespace, are all ‘rental’ website builders – similar to leasing a vehicle but without the ability to purchase. Most businesses that try these website builders out ultimately end up hiring a professional because of improper design, not being optimized, development limitations and most importantly – never being updated on a weekly basis. Don’t sink to the bottom of Google! Your website is the bread and butter of your business online, put your best foot forward and invest in your future!

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Below are 10 things that you can do to improve your website & increase the leads it generates:


1. Prominent Contact Information: Convert your current visitors, don’t make your visitors find your contact info! Spoon feed them.

2. Be Mobile Friendly: Ensure your website is responsive in design. A consistent user experience is key!

3. Design with SEO in mind: SEO needs to be the heart of your website. With solid SEO, you’re only hurting yourself.

4. Write blog articles with reader benefits: Give your website users actionable ideas. This is proven, give them the goods!

5. Ensure forms are truly simple to fill out: Concise and simplistic forms are the best. Make sure they’re mobile friendly!

6. White space is good – use it: Don’t clutter your real estate, keep it clean. Simplistic websites are here to stay!

7. Ditch the stock photos: Stock photos are the 90’s, upgrade with custom photos today. Make sure they’re clear and professional!

8. Have a GREAT offer: Sign up for a Maintenance packages by 5/1/2016 and we’ll give you a month for free – SERIOUSLY!

9. Be analytical: Websites are numbers oriented… Know what works and what doesn’t. Install Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools!

10. Regularly update your website: YOU DON’T forget about changing your vehicle’s oil. So don’t forget to update your website EVERY week!